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Shake It Off: A Bootstrapping Startup of Milkshake

Two college friends, who had Rs 10 lakh initially, soon became a Rs 1.85 Cr milkshake startup. This is the story of Shake it off.


College roommates Nishant Tripathi and Anil Paremal spent their engineering days together.
Being crazy food lovers, especially for thick and creamy milkshakes, they came up with this idea of bootstrapping a startup in the Food & Beverage domain.
The “sad and watery canteen milkshake”, about which Anil used to rant during their college years (around 2008), and the “gourmet shakes” they had in Dubai (2015), stimulated them towards taking this step and starting their own venture in March 2016- Shake it off.

Back in their college days,they were unhappy by the taste and flavour of the milkshakes served in their college canteens. Those were highly filled with sugar and syrups. And the shakes they had in Dubai, refreshing & flavourful, had their mind struck with an aim of evolution of Milkshakes.

Since they always dreamt of having a startup business, this milkshake business idea became an icing on the cake.And this duo became the founders of this business.

Taylor Swift helped them… unknowingly:
Having a catchy and trending appellation, with a high recall value is a necessity in the line of business.And this is when this duo crossed their paths with Taylor Swift’s new song release –“Shake It Off”, thus naming their startup the same.

• SIO milkshakes are available at different rates starting from Rs 79 , whereas the food from Rs 69.
• They tried making their menu in a way that complements and goes best with their #Thiccshake. First it began with burgers and sandwiches, which soon switched towards Indian Palate like fries and momos.
• Some of the best sellers of SIO include- Cool blue, Cheesecake Thiccshake,Guardians of the Galaxy, Kitty Kat and Oreo!
• For those who are health conscious and a milkshake lover- the startup provides varieties like Berry Yogurt Shake, The Whey Protein Shake, and The Meal Replacement.

Revenue and Growth:
The revenue recorded for the Financial Year 2019 was of Rs 185 Lakhs.

SIO currently has a mini cafe, a kiosk, a cloud kitchen model with a food truck model in the making.
Initially, what began with a single outlet in Jayanagar, Bangalore in 2016, has grown into 9 outlets and 3 cloud kitchens in merely three years, linking with about 50,000 customers, in Delhi, Chennai, and Bengaluru.

The journey that began with two boys, with little or no money, and a small puppy (Mr.Bolt) as their lucky charm. But now, it is a team of 40 talented members, having their startup spread across 3 states and still expanding.

In this realm of Food& Beverage, making a spot and being a known brand is a big deal.
The founders had no previous experience in this sector. But still, they managed this journey of getting ahead and making their way through this throng and competitive space a back-breaking one.

Even with no prior background, they claimed to have grasped everyday, little by little. This lead to making an incredible learning curve, which includes making bold decisions, with proper utilization of their limited resources.

Founders’ goal:
Their main objective is to generate 100 outlets by 2022. And for that, they’re aiming at $1.5 million as funds. At present, they are focusing more on their cloud kitchens and night deliveries.

SIO ice-cream tubs are just around the corner. With it’s launch tomorrow the company, Shake It Off is slowly and steadily moving forward to become a top tier Indian start up.

Click on the names of the founders below to visit their LinkedIn Profile.
Anil Paremal 
Nishant Tripathi

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