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You might have one of these objectives to advertise online:

  • Introduce a product  
  • Introduce a brand
  • Awareness Creation
  • Acquire Customers
  • Increasing sales
  • Call to Action  helps you achieve it.

Internet has gained enormous growth with increasing numbers of users from the Indian Subcontinent. This opens a big opportunity for brands that look for advertisement and engagements.

Pricing Plan

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2500 /15Days
  • Sidebar
  • -
  • Sent in Newsletter ( Once)
  • -
  • Posted on All Social Media Channels
  • Unlimited Page Views


3000 /15Days
  • Sidebar
  • Post
  • Sent in Newsletter ( Once)
  • Unlimited Clicks to your Landing Page
  • Posted on All Social Media Channels
  • Unlimited Page Views


4000 /15Days
  • Sidebar
  • Header/Footer
  • Sent in Newsletter ( 2 Times Only )
  • Unlimited Clicks to your Landing Page
  • Posted on All Social Media Channels
  • Unlimited Page Views

Please contact our sales team for any details. We are just a call and mail away!!
Creative Properties available for advertisement

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We at Fortifygen, focus on the enrichment of your knowledge with up to date and high-grade articles, news, and information relevant to your areas of interest.

This world full of creative minds innovates, creates, and advances every day and it becomes furthermore necessary for people like us who crave knowledge to stay updated to catch up with the fast-changing world.

You must have read today’s news but but but…

Did you read about innovations and advancement in your field of study?

Did you read news about the companies you plan to seek placement in?

Did you read about the latest government guidelines and policies?

Don’t you worry all of this is compiled at a single platform for you in a very neat and clean interface.

Fortifygen is an information-sharing platform which enables its user to share and receive the latest information. At Fortifygen you can READ, WRITE, and PUBLISH all that you want to share with the world. It is one single platform for all enthusiasts.


FortifyGen launched on June 11, 2020 and from then has seen rapidgrowth in terms of website viewers, unique users, Instagram,WhatsApp FortifyGen community. Here are the latest figures (Aug 6th, 2020).

Subscriber Base-

Page views: 60,821

Unique Page Views: 22,767

Unique Sessions: 6,787

Instagram Followers: 1700+

Instagram Impressions: 25800+ Every Week

Whatsapp Aroup Active Members: 500+


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