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Amul : Pioneer in digitizing artificial insemination in India

Artificial insemination is a proven scientific method for improving genetics of animals. Amul Dairy has decided to digitize the artificial insemination service in its operational area. This is really important strategy to increase productivity, save records and to save a lot of time.

Amul has been leading milk producer of our country since the white revolution and continues to be at the top. Putting a step further in making its production more efficient and effective, the cooperative has introduced digitization in artificial insemination service that it provides for animals.

Artificial insemination is a method of achieving pregnancy by introducing the male sperm into the female‘s body and achieving in- vivo fertilization without sexual intercourse.

Digitization was introduced in few village milk producer society for evaluation of the technique. It turned out to be a great success and positive results were obtained through the experiment.


How it works?

First of all registration for artificial insemination is done. Thereafter, a message is received by the milk producer and the AI technician through mobile. The technician reaches the producer and performs his job that is carries out the process of AI. He explains in detail about the necessary care to be taken. He also updates the message through mobile so as the amul call centre and the milk producer have this information.

After 2.5 months pregnancy, evaluation is done. If pregnancy is detected , this is updated on the mobile application system. After nine months the required information like the sex of the calf and date of birth are registered in the mobile application. The amul dairy prepares the deworming , vaccination schedule using this information. Information regarding the milch cattle is also registered and can be accessed by the amul dairy through the application software.

Amul Dairy managing director Amit Vyas said that a very good response to this method has been received from the members of all village milk producer societies in the Amul Dairy milkshed area. Digitization of AI services will help to get the data of pregnancy months, calving prediction and milk production accordingly. This will help to plan milk processing at plant level. At present, registration of more than 4500 artificial insemination calls done by Amul Call Center daily.


Why it is important?

Digitization has been helpful in many ways. The owner does not need to save physical data of its cattle nor does the AI technician have to keep record of this data. All the information is kept as a record in the mobile application. Digitization also helps in providing the required service to the milk producer in time. This helps to save a lot of time and they can perform better.

With the success of trial in several villages, this system will be introduced in all the 1200 village level milk producing societies. With this step amul has become pioneer in digitizing artificial insemination service in India.

Through digitalization, transparent information as well as its analysis can be used to make accurate decisions and make the animal husbandry business flourish.

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