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An incarnation of carbonated drinks: Amul tru seltzer

Seeing people's so much interest in the lemon and orange, Amul has launched lemon and orange seltzer in Gujrat market.

Amul tru seltzer – the taste of India

Amul is the flagship brand of GCMMF which is India’s largest food products marketing organisation. Its tagline ‘the taste of India’ is indeed true. Recently, Amul has launched India’s first seltzer- Amul tru seltzer. The company has expanded its product line by introducing carbonated drinks.


What is seltzer?

Carbonated water or soda water or fizzy water is popularly known as seltzer in the USA. In more specific terms it is water containing dissolved carbon dioxide gas either artificially injected under pressure or occurring due to natural processes. 


History of seltzer

In 1787, innovative people of Niederselters (a small town in Germany) first manufactured carbonated water and exported to different countries. The so prepared product got its name seltzer in the USA and eau-de-seltz in France. This product is common in the western world and growing there at a good rate. In the nineteenth century, to exploit health benefits from milk people started incorporating milk into seltzer. The claimed benefits of such a product include the ability to combat and cure various diseases.


Composition of Amul tru seltzer

The constituents of Amul seltzer include milk, fizz, sugar and real fruit juices. The formula of Amul tru seltzer can be written as:


Amul tru seltzer= Fizz + Milk solids + Sugar + Real fruit juice


Seeing people’s so much interest in the lemon and orange, Amul has launched lemon and orange seltzer in Gujrat market. Soon, other flavours like cola, jeera and apple will also come in the market. Orange seltzer contains 10% orange juice and just 10% added sugar with no artificial colours and flavours. Lemon seltzer contains 5% real-time lemon juice and 9% just added sugar with no artificial flavours and colours.


Is Amul seltzer unique?

Yes, indeed Amul seltzer is a unique product. It is India’s first seltzer. Using milk in seltzer to be sold commercially in the market is quite interesting. This innovative product is having the goodness of milk. Milk is a commodity of great worth. As it has milk proteins, electrolyte, minerals, etc. This incarnation of carbonated drink can be proved a boon to a sportsperson. As they can recover lost nutrients from this refreshing beverage. However, any age group can utilise this marvellous drink. 


Will Amul tru seltzer be champion?

Amul tru will be champion in the Indian market. As the day when the Indian market was introduced with carbonated drinks and beverages, there is no such remarkable innovation as compared to Amul seltzer.  Indians are not bored by consuming a mix of carbonated drink and sugars under the package of different brands bottles. Last year in February, Amul launched Amul tru which had got 10% market in the first four quarters of its launch.


Key factors ensuring the success of Amul seltzer

  • Affordability of the product just ₹15/- for 200 ml PET bottle.
  • Attractive packaging.
  • New concept.
  • Tasty flavours.
  • The goodness of milk and fruits.
  • Indian brand. (People are fascinating towards Indian brands).
  • Brand image.
  • Enticing advertisement of the product.
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