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Campus Ambassador Program for Smart Protein innovation challenge by GFI India

This is an opportunity for every food science and technology student and young professionals who have a keen interest in refining their leadership skills for a good cause. THE SMART PROTEIN CHALLENGE is the latest initiative by GOOD FOOD INSTITUTE India in association with GATROTOPE and many other leading partners. The Smart Protein Challenge can be seen as an initial step to developing further keen interest in research and development.

This challenge is primarily being aimed at solving problems related future of food and most importantly Future of Protein but it is not necessary to have a food science or life sciences background to apply for the Campus Ambassador Program. Moreover, this will be a great platform to interact with great minds and create an undeniable impact and make Smart Protein Challenge an absolute success.

Many young professionals and students from the fields and disciplines like computer science, materials engineering, medical science, liberal arts etc. are contributing to this sector in various capacities globally in places like the US, EU, Israel, Asia Pacific, Brazil and many more.

A zestful interest in understanding the hurdles being faced currently in sources of animal-based food and a thought process based on science that can address feasibility and logic, combined with a strong will to bring food and sustainability together are some desired qualities in a successful smart protein innovator and a smart protein innovator.

To apply for Campus Ambassador CLICK HERE  

Challenge applications start on 15th June, 2020 CLICK HERE

For further information contact Debabrat Das at Shardul Dabir at

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