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Coca-Cola’s Refreshment Coffee -Innovation with blends of coke and coffee


Coca-Cola’s refreshment coffee is all decked up to hit the market shelves in 2021 in more than 30 countries. This beverage is a perfect blend of coke with coffee, one can experience both the tastes in one single sip.

Are you a lover of both coffee and coke? If yes, then you too have experienced the turmoil of choosing one over the other. But, what if there’s a drink which offers you the taste of both in one single can of 12-oz.

Refreshment coffee:

Coca-Cola has delivered the same conceptual beverage with coffee and coke. This wonder beverage comes in three additional flavors:

  • Dark blend,
  • Vanilla, and
  • Caramel.

This drink subjects you to the robust flavor of 100% Brazilian coffee with the tinge of soft drink.

“Named as “refreshment coffee”, it is one of the most successful innovations in the year and will create a new species of beverages”, said,  Jaideep kibe, VP, Coca-Cola North America.

Marketing strategy:

The product belongs to the ” lift, shift, and scale ” category of the company, in which they test the sales and liking of products in different markets. According to the surveys, 80% of the customers liked it on their first sip, and are willing to pay for it.

The company also provided the chance to 2000 insiders to taste some of their newest creations and products in December 2019.

Initially Coca-Cola’s refreshment coffee was introduced in Japan in 2018. And now the product is now made available in more than 30 markets in 2021 with a little bit of change to encourage local authenticity. These markets include US, Australia, Brazil, Vietnam, and many more.

Nowadays, the zeal for trying new things is one of the aspects behind innovation. People think it’s high time and now they must be provided with a better way of consuming beverages. According to researchers, nowadays people prefer to have cross-category drinks that retain 69mg caffeine in 12oz serving.
This refreshment coffee fulfills that criteria and is ready to soothe your summers from next year, so buckle up to taste some real exotic drinks.

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