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Epigamia launches India’s First Dairy-Free Coconut Milk Yoghurt

The Indian startup Epigamia has pioneered India’s first plant- based yoghurt. Interestingly, coconuts are used in the prepration of this product. In fact, the company asserts yoghurt’s consistency is almost indistinct from conventional ones.

Major objectives behind this product

Epigamia is a mumbai based startup. They revealed that their new, 100% plant-based yoghurt line, is made with coconut milk. Epigamia cites various reasons for launching this product line. One of the major reasons is the growing demand for healthy, plant-based and sustainable food options. Henceforth,  they intend to abbreviate their influence on the environment. Epigamia is helping to recover and recycle more plastic packaging than it uses for its products. This is achieved by integrating the waste management process. Also, the startup has a newly appointed Dr. Awkash Kumar who is helping in reducing its carbon traces.

Coconut milk yoghurts are accessible in two flavours- Unsweetened and Coconut Jaggery. In fact, the jaggery variant is free of preservatives and high in probiotics. 

Dhruvi Narsaria is a Corporate Engagement Specialist at the Good Food Institute in India. He told that, “Sustainable eating is an immense opportunity in a world of climate change and pandemics. We’re excited to see Epigamia’s new launch deliver plant-based options which are hugely optimistic about the future of food in India.”

As a matter of fact, stipulation for plant- based foods is mounting worldwide. And hence, India is no exception. So, in the past few years, plant-based milks, cruelty- free shoes and even vegan restaurant chains have progress in the country. Also, it has an age-old history of vegetarianism.

Rohan Mirchandani, who is Co-Founder and CEO of Epigamia, is excited about this launch. He stated in an interview, “We are super excited about this new launch and yoghurts are only the first in a line of many plant-based products we are slated to launch.”

About Epigamia’s Funding

Few days back, Epigamia’s parent company Drums Food upraised INR 40Cr ($5.27M) in top-up funding. Actually, It was from Danone’s venture capital branch and Mousse Partners. But, this was just a bit of its continuing Series C funding round.

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