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FARTHER FARMS – A paradigm shift to safer and sustainable food.

From fire to freezing, everything involves some form of technology and set of standards for its production and distribution. Newer methods are being developed to produce a much safer and sustainable food produce. This is the majorly happening due to increase in population and their food demands . Now who doesn’t want that!! Thus, Farther Farms came into existence in the year 2016. It is a food technology company and is working to solve the biggest problems in the food system.

A brief look at the background

It is a startup co-founded by Cornell University alumni Mike Annunziata and Vipul Saran in the year 2016. The company’s foundational technology is licensed from Cornell University. Their startup, Farther Farms, has a name rooted in the idea of taking food “farther”. Also, they believe in placing emphasis on the idea of sustainability.

Farther Farms traces its origins to the rural potato fields of northern India. Since then, their team has grown. So, It now includes people throughout the United States and around the world. They are currently based in Rochester, New York.

Technology at Farther Farms

Farther Farms include various technologies which enables new product development. Alongside, this improves safety and sustainability of food products. They believe that addressing foundational problems in the food system requires a new set of tools.

In other words, it builds technologies to improve the way how food is being made. They further aim at building global food system. This also enables to create new food categories.

This company develops novel processing technologies which aims at extending shelf life. Further, it focuses on preserving the food’s nutritional values and achieving food safety in different ways in food products. In fact, all these weren’t possible earlier. But, now it is all happening at Farther Farms.

Mike and Vipul developed a technology that extends the shelf life of potatoes for 60 days. Refrigeration, freezing, usage of any preservatives or any GMOs are not used. Their technology uses a combination of high pressure, dense carbon dioxide at moderate temperate. This combination of conditions then allows them to stop enzymatic activity throughout the entire vegetable, and meet control points for pathogenic micro-organisms. Hence, by harnessing super-critical fluid technology, they also developed novel hybrid methodologies to make food safe and sustainable.

The company manages to reduce the energy used in processing and distribution by 70% by these technologies. This may also have massive logistics and supply chain implications. Not to mention that it can also lead to superior food products. This kind of a breakthrough can prove to be a major contributor to solving food system problems, that too worldwide.

Their main scientific focus is on the following aspects.

1. Food Safety

Food safety undergirds everything. New techniques are developed to meet food safety standards, reduce risks, and improve global health. This is all achieved by evaluating current technological limitations and market inefficiencies.

2. Shelf-Life 

 Shelf-life extension is paramount to feeding a growing world. Experts and researchers are looking upon opportunities to prolong the quality of healthy food products to reduce waste, expand access, and extend food supply.

3. Food Science

Their team relies on a core understanding of food chemistry, microbiology, and processing. Hence, they apply these to formulate new products, identify needs, and conceptualize solutions.

4. Engineering

One must rely on a foundational understanding of mechanical, electrical, and process engineering in order to build from concept to commercialization. In fact, this is what they do.

The firm’s initial business produced fresh-cut French fries that could stay in stable condition for up to 60 days without preservatives or freezing.

Farther Farms is currently working to expand its product offerings. They are planning to include avocados, sugar-snap peas, carrots and more. Farther Farms hopes to address the challenges of food waste and malnutrition, while reducing costs throughout the food system in processing, distribution and retail. All this is actually possible by increasing access to fruits and vegetables.

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