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FSSAI Eat Right Challenge

The Eat Right India movement  initiated by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), is based on three key themes,

  • If it’s not safe, it’s not food (safe food)
  • Food should not only serve the palate but is also meant for body and mind (healthy diets)
  • Food has to be good both for people and the planet (sustainable diets)

The Eat Right Challenge is envisioned as a competition among districts and cities to recognize their effort in adopting and scaling up various initiatives under Eat Right India. It is also meant to motivate states to improve performance and encourage others to join.

Salient Features

The Eat Right India movement is working on three key themes through a graded “Food System Approach” (FSA) to address these issues in a holistic manner by building on the collective action of all stakeholders and government. Various actions are taken which are categorized under four sectors:

  • Robust food regulatory system: This includes setting globally-benchmarked standards, credible food testing, surveillance, and various enforcement activities to strengthen the existing food standards in the country.
  • Self-compliance of food businesses and capacity building: Food contamination can occur at various stages of supply chain and handling processes. Self-compliance to regulations and standards can be achieved through training and certification of businesses and unorganized vendors.
  • Changing the food environment: The approach of food authority is to transform the ‘food environment’ in the country to provide safe, healthy, nutritious, and sustainable diets to all.
  • Mass mobilization: Authority is planning to organize large-scale citizen-centric campaigns to bring social and behavioral change. Also includes awareness about the reduction in the consumption of High-fat, Trans-fat, salt, and sugar foods while promoting seasonal and fortified foods for better health outcomes.

Expected Outcomes of challenge

  • To strengthen food safety through the food regulatory environment.
  • To provide for safe and healthier food options by enabling the supply side.
  • To engage with citizens for adoption and demanding healthier diets.

Eligibility criteria

  • All districts of the company. If a district has a city of the population over 5 lakhs, it can register as a district.
  • Cities (with more than 1 district) and a population of over 5 lakhs. For North East and Hill Stations, cities with a population of over 2 lakhs can register.
  • Only 150 cities and districts that register on a first-cum-first-service basis will be eligible for the challenge.

Financial Aid

FSSAI will provide seed funding of INR 5 lakhs to the first 150 cities/districts to register. The money will be disbursed in two phases – 50 per cent immediately upon submission of the action plan to the Competent Authority and the remaining 50 per cent over the course of the challenge.


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