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GoodMills Innovation launched New Wheat Germ Concentrate- SpermidinEVO

Ingredient supplier GoodMills Innovation introduced SpermidinEVO, a new wheat germ concentrate with ‘added health benefits’.

Goodmills’ new SpermidinEVO wheat germ concentrate is rich in Spermidine. Spermidine is a polyamine compound found in ribosomes and living tissues that is associated with various metabolic functions. It occurs naturally in human body and produced within the cells. Other than that, bacteria present in the intestine also make Spermidine.

Spermidine supports autophagy-the self-cleaning process to remove damaged cells in order to regenerate newer and healthier cells. During this process, old and superfluous cell components as well as cell invaders are broken down and recycled. Subsequently, these disassembled components can be used to build new structures. Therefore, it is an energy efficient mechanism for production and renewal of cells. The autophagy process is also linked to a healthy immune system to decelerated ageing.

Unique features:

GoodMills Innovation claims its spermidinEVO provide six times the spermidine content than the conventional wheat germs and offers a ‘high degree of purity’. SpermidinEVO also provide vitamins that enhances the positive effect. Its nutritional profile include folic acid, Vitamin E, high quality vegetable proteins, and fats. Where folic acid plays role in immune defence and Vitamin E as a cell protecting function. 

‘In combination with a high-fibre diet, it’s well being ingredients which contribute to a healthy microbiome and a ‘holistic approach to spermidine supply’, said by the company. Microbiome health has linked to numerous health benefits taking from cognition and skin health to immunity.

“The right nutrient source for intestinal bacteria is an important basis for the body’s own spermidine production. Dietary dibres contribute to a healthy intestinal flora and thus support spermidine production from within” explained Michael Gusko, Managing Director.

Diet is not the only way to Stimulate autophogy. Regular fasting intervals and intensive sports also stimulate cellular recycling process. However, the product also reaches out to consumers outside the ‘active nutrition’ niche.

“SpermidinEVO can address less active health-conscious consumers who find it hard to fit in regular activity into their everyday life and would not undertake fasting” claimed Project Manager Johanna Imbeck.

New Wheat germ concentrate uses:

The company claimed that their new wheat germ concentrate is suitable for multiple mainstream grocery categories from baked goods, bars, cookies, and pasta to liquid applications such as dairy drinks and shakes, which can be integrated easily into existing recipes as well as new formulations.

Health Highlights:

  • Promotes Healthy ageing
  • Immunity Enhancer
  • Promotes Cell Renewal
  • Promotes Health ‘from the inside out and outside in’
  • Addresses the ‘less active health-conscious consumers’
  • Suitable for mainstream grocery categories.

About GoodMills Innovation:

GoodMills Innovation is a joint venture of two competent partners, GoodMills group and Danish Ingredients producer & global player Palsgaard A/S. GoodMills food innovation has its headquarters in Hamburg, Germany.

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