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Goodmylk- manufacturing affordable plant-based milk products

Goodmylk was founded in 2016 by a young vegan activist, Abhay Rangan with a vision of sustainability. He also aimed to provide easy access to delicious plant-based dairy products.

Goodmylk was founded in 2016 by a young vegan activist, Abhay Rangan with a vision of sustainability. He also aimed to provide easy access to delicious plant-based dairy products.


The 3 primary factors that drive a consumer towards buying a product is – Taste, Convenience, and Price.
These are the keys to any product’s success.

Advent of Plant-Based Foods

The sales of the companies manufacturing Plant-Based alternatives, be it Plant-Based Dairy, Meat, Eggs, Seafood, etc have significantly increased in the global market for the past few years and contributing to the market share in a great amount, in both, volume and value.
in the last few years, Plant-Based milk has secured a considerable share in the Global Milk market, in which the Asia Pacific has the highest share, followed by North America and Western Europe having the second and third highest share respectively.

Plant-based milk has a long history, for example- Soymilk, but nowadays people are shifting to various other varieties of plant-based milk like Almond milk, Cashew milk, Oat milk & Coconut milk, with Oat milk having a peak rise in the US in the recent years.

Plant-Based Milk in India

However, in India, plant-based milk is still evolving and we hope that it steadily and gradually gains a share in the Indian milk market as well as the Global milk market.
India is the largest producer of milk, and this leads to greater risks associated with climatic changes, land and water usage(for maintaining the proper health of the cattle), water pollution, allergies like lactose intolerance, and various other diseases due to contamination of milk by pathogenic bacterias.

Moreover, more than half of the crops growing all over the country function as animal feed. This not only leads to the wastage of land but also water and a huge amount of greenhouse gas emissions.
This significantly raises the need for adopting certain plant-based alternatives more than ever to ensure sustainable development and secure future with an animal cruelty-free world.
And Goodmylk began with the same vision.

The Beginning:

Abhay Rangan-Founder of Goodmylk

Before rising and becoming a popular company, Goodmylk (previously: Veganarke) was simply a door to door service in Bangalore.
All of this started from the kitchen(at home), where Abhay’s mother made peanut curd and Abhay distributed them personally. This happened until January 2018, and as the demands of the curd increased, the mother-son duo shifted to commercial curd manufacturing machines and technologies to produce curd, the number of team members increased and the workload reduced.

The Rise of Goodmylk:

To become a successful company, a group of professionals was necessary. So, the existing team underwent expansion, by recruiting certain talented individuals. Radhika Datt became the co-founder, Dhivakar Sathyamurthy was assigned as the head of Operation and Sales. Also, Disha Ravi being the youngest recruiter, worked as an intern.
Other members including Spurti Ravi and Rajat Mehta joined subsequently and added value to the company by their skills in required domains.

Goodmylk Products:

  • Cashew & Oat Mylk [INR 120/Ltr (shelf-stable)]
  • Peanut Curd [INR 110/kg]
  • Vegan Mayonnaise
  • Plant-Based Butter

New product- Chocolate flavored Cashew & Oat mylk


  • Affordable and Accessible plant-based Dairy food– Goodmylk provides easily accessible and cheap Dairy-free products. It also aims to make it tastier than the other brands that sell the same.
  • Transparency– By making all of the processes involved in the manufacturing of their products completely transparent, they aim to gain a never-ending trust of their customers.
  • Quality, safety, and precautions- The company aims to provide high quality and ultra-safe products, manufactured with proper care and maintenance. Moreover, these products are completely lactose-free, gluten-free, Dairy-Free, and casein-free.
  • Animal Cruelty-Free Future– animals have equal rights to live in this very earth as we all do. Therefore, Goodmylk aims to reduce animal cruelty to a scale of 0 and promote living a cleaner and greener life.
  • Sustainable, clean, and safe environment- reducing the climatic changes, overexploitation of natural resources, and switching to plant-based products helps us secure a clean and safe environment with sustainable development. Thus, Goodmylk aims for the same by doing their bit like- using recyclable materials, reducing total package materials, etc.

Quadruple Bottomline:

This is the name that the team members gave to their Framework.
This all-new evaluation technique was adopted by them because it not only measures the profit, but also the Impact On Animals, which the framework of other companies fails to take into consideration.

Quadruple Bottomline consists of 4 bottom lines which measure the company’s success/profits
1. People– “are people happy, safe, and healthy with the value chain? Also, what can we do to improve the same?”
2. Planet– “how to decrease the use of natural resources to the minimum that it renders 0 negative effects on the environment? Further, what’s our footprint?”
3. Animals– “what is the impact on animals?”
4. Profit– “is the growth stagnant or rising? Also, how much is the surplus, and are we growing sustainably?”

Complete Process in detail:

a. Ingredient Sourcing-
• Cashews and Peanuts- Karnataka and Tamil Nadu
• Most of the ingredients obtained locally.
b. Manufacturing Facilities- located all over the country with each having its unique features, machinery, and culture.

c. Processing– Thermal treatments carried out include Ultra High-Temperature processing, Pasteurization, etc. to destroy spoilage causing and disease-causing microorganisms. Also, to make the product safe for consumption. For the purpose of fortification, flavor enhancement, stabilization, etc., additional raw materials can be added.

d. Packaging-sustainable packaging with lightweight, maximum product-to-packaging weight ratio, shelf stability, also, recyclability ensures reduced waste production.

e. Distribution– Via Goodmylk website, where you can be a subscribed member and order Goodmylk products.

Awards and Recognition:

Goodmylk has received several awards for its exceptional role in the plant-based dairy space-
Social Impact Award (CU Boulder, 2018)
Best Vegan Curd Award (PETA,2019)

Recent developments and future goals:

  • Goodmylk has recently manufactured Sugar-free mylk.
  • Also, they have expanded their selling opportunities and now the Goodmylk products are available on Amazon (Prime as well) and several other online shopping apps.
  • Swiggy Genie would now handle urgent orders.
  • The all-new Chocolate Cashew & Oat mylk came to market, at the beginning of the year. A flavor that would never bore us.
  • Moreover, they are now aiming to expand their sales and spread their products throughout the nation and doing their bit to bring a positive change in this era by decreasing the friction for the people to switch to plant-based products. Also, all the other objectives mentioned above are actively driving the people towards sustainable development.
  • Since establishment (2016)-the team size has grown to 15, they have received a seed amount of $419K and have 4 investors.

The company is definitely on a growing streak and would see great growth and profits, in the future.

Visit their website: Goodmylk

Also, Place your order: Goodmylk on Amazon

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