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Gut Microbes – All you need to know

A baby is born with a sterile gut. It is only gradually that he begins accumulating gut microbes, during and after birth. You probably are thinking right, the birth canal is the first place, the baby acquires microbes from! A great amount of scientific research is being conducted in this field, keeping the ethical and cultural values in knowledge.

Talking about the birth canal, it highly determines the initial set of gut microbes in our body. The cervix and vagina both have Lactobacilli species, which are very much important for the baby to help him digest milk. Microbiota develops and changes daily. It is determined not only by the food we eat but also by our external environments. The basic categories to which the causes can be enlisted are as follows:

  1. Impact of diet-  It related to the type of food we eat and the nutritional value it provides to the gut. It also refers to the patterns in which one consumes food.
  2. Health-  How healthy a person is. If an individual consumes antibiotics when he falls ill, the gut microflora is effected. A prolonged illness may result in very few colonies in the gut.
  3. Exposure to the birth canal- It provides an individual the first set of gut microbes.

What if a baby is born by a C- section? Then the baby acquires microbes from the skin of the mother.

Just like visible signs of aging are demarcated on the skin and various organs, the same way gut microbiota changes week to week, day to day. It decreases in old age and is maximum flourished in adulthood. No doubt on the saying that

“Old age is second childishness”

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