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Hills2Home: Connecting Hills of Uttarakhand to India

As the name proposes, Hills2Home succeeds in linking the farmers of Uttarakhand to the rest of the market all across the country. This startup offers an e-commerce platform for the farmers of the hills. It also believes in helping the farmers improve their agriculture yields by adopting up-to-date techniques. By this, the productivity of agriculture boosts and the quality of life of farmer gets improved.

Building Hills2Home

Ashutosh Kandpal founded Hills2Home in 2016. He is from Almora, Uttarakhand himself. He started it as an initiative to counter the problem of migration of people of the hills. Not receiving fair pay still remains one of the major problems for Indian farmers. Therefore, Hills2Home provides fair pay to the farmers with the online market it provides.

The company has stretched its market in the North-East and the Himalayas. Along with the market, they popularized the innovatory idea of providing local foodstuffs on an online marketplace. Hills2Home saw steady growth in the number of customers from the day it was founded. They deliver the delicacies of the mountains at customer’s doorsteps. As a result, the growth chart always looks positive.

Unmatched Unlikeness

Hills2Home came up with a solution to one of the major problem of packaging and transporting, and boast a variety of products which includes herbal tea, fruit squashes, hemp seeds, apricot oil, jam, kidney beans, finger millets etc. The organization works with an infrastructural set-up and dedicated team members, who constantly grind towards customer satisfaction. With the modern and well-equipped machines, the company focuses on the quality of the products they deliver.

Hills2Home is recognized as a start-up by the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India. It continues to flourish and take the top-most position of the marketplace. It focuses on good ethical conduct to create good business and customer networks. Also, providing a cost-effective product is important for them.

Moreover, Hills2Home is Indian based start-up. And it is important for us, people of India, to support such business to help us in the long battle of our economy.

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