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ICAR-CPCRI commercialises its technologies for value-added processing of coconut

ICAR-CPCRI has recently started to attract entrepreneurs for developing value-added products using coconut. The institute see it as a good revenue generation oppotunity . It provides a great job and training oppotunity to the local people, entrepreneur, as well as for graduates.

ICAR-Central Plantation Crops Research Institute has recently started working to attract entrepreneurs to develop value-added products using coconut. The institute, ready for technology transfer and is scouting for promising entrepreneurs.


The coconut processing prospects are Snow Ball Tender Nut (SBTN), Coconut chips, Virgin Coconut Oil, Kalparasa (coconut sap), Coconut sugar & jaggery and mushroom cultivation. These are only some of the value-added products that ICAR aims to develop from coconut by-products.


Coconut palm is referred to as ‘Kalpavriksha’ – the ‘tree of heaven.’ As each and every part of the palm is useful in one way or the other. It is estimated that 10 million people in India depend on coconut for their livelihood either directly or indirectly. India ranks third in area and first in the production of coconut in the world, according to Dr P Chowdappa, Director, ICAR-Central Plantation Crops Research Institute.


Coconut based Value added products for commercialization


Coconut shell

“The Kasargod-based institute has developed indigenously a shell fired copra dryer. This is a natural convection dryer with a unique furnace. Here the coconut shell is used as fuel with a capacity of 1,000 nuts per batch. It is economical as it requires less fuel. The time required for drying copra is 24 hours,” he added.

Carbonated Tender Coconut water

It can be preserved for more than 60 days. It is very healthy ready to  drink nutritious  carbonated beverage. Its a very refreshing drink and have a peak demand in the market. As their is not any addition of other external source of preservative/chemical, it delivers the exact taste of tender coconut water.

Coconut Tender nut

In case of processing of the fruit, Snow Ball Tender Nut without husk and shell is a sterile, nutritive and is a drink and a snack at the same time. It is in the shape of a ball and white in colour. This is a coconut of 7–8 months ago. There is no decrease in the quantity of tender nut water and the kernel is sufficiently soft.

This variety of coconut can be processed easily. All that one has to do it is the removal of the husk of 7–8-month maturity coconut in which the tender kernel thickness should be about 2 – 3 mm, making a groove in the shell without breaking the kernel and scooping out the shell. For making the groove easily, a machine has been developed.

 “The  Snow Ball Tender Nut can be individually packaged and refrigerated under hygienic conditions. The shelf-life of this product is prolonged up to a fortnight. In the ambient condition, it can be stored for about 8 hours even,” stated Dr Chowdappa.


Coconut Chips

The dehydrated coconut chips are in ready-to-eat form and can be used as snacks. They could also be used at any time just like fresh kernel after rehydration of the chips. Fresh kernel of matured coconut containing a reasonable amount of water is to be used for the production of sweet coconut chips. The time of osmotic dehydration will be 40 minutes only.  It can be prepared in various flavors like vanilla, strawberry, pineapple, chat masala, tomato etc.  It is highly rich in fiber and nutrients. The institute sees that this is a good revenue generation opportunity for the rural womenfolk.

Frozen Coconut Delicacy 

Frozen coconut Delicacy is a pure vegetarian form of ice cream developed under ICAR-CPCRI, Kasaragod. It is prepared by using coconut milk and coconut sugar. Unlike other coconut ice cream available in the market, it is 100%  pure coconut products based ice cream. It is light brown in color having very creamy texture. It is highly healthy, delicious and rich in nutrients. This is a very unique form of invention using Coconut.

Virgin Coconut oil

Another lucrative business opportunity is the manufacture of virgin coconut oil. Virgin Coconut Oil is one of the most demanded product in global market. This is obtained from the fresh, kernel-meat of the coconut by mechanical or natural means. It should maintain the natural aroma and nutrients. The oil obtained is the purest form of crystal clear coconut oil, contains natural vitamin E and with very low, the free fatty acid content of a mere 0.1%. It is known for its fresh coconut aroma ranging from mild to intense, depending on the extraction process. VCO is very useful for fat loss, improving immunity of the body, removing dandruff, skin purification, reduce cholesterol etc.

Kalpa Krunch

Kalpa Krunch is an innovative product developed by ICAR-CPCRI. It is prepared from coconut residue obtained after extracting the coconut milk. The product is similar to the kurkure in shape and size, but totally different in the content and taste. It is highly nutritious and healthy snack which will be preferred by all class of customers. It can be prepared in different flavors. As of  now, it is developed in tomato, masala, sweet and coriander flavor.


Other By and Co-Products of Coconut

Apart from this, ICAR-CPCRI also has a solution for the utilization of by and co-products such as:

  • Vermicomposting and mulching using coconut husk
  • Utilization of coconut shell as fuel for VCO cooker
  • Can be utilized for activated carbon/charcoal and copra production
  • Coconut vinegar, jelly and squash production from mature coconut water
  • High fibre bakery food/biscuit and cattle feed from coconut testa
  • Low fat desiccated coconut powder, oil, bakery and extrudate food from coconut milk residue
  • Bakery, confectionery and extrudate food from VCO cake.


The benefits of buying technology from CPCRI include: 

1) Technical support for establishing the unit, arranging machines, and production of the products.

2)Formulate marketing strategies/business plan to promote and support your business. 

3) IMPORTANT: You will be having the liberty to use CPCRI name and logo in the package of the product. Due to this, you will get an extra exposure & trust, both in the domestic and global market. As you know, a government product will have more acceptance & support than a newly evolving private company.

4) As we are continuously engaged in developing and improving the technologies, all the improvements made by us will be shared with you for further improvements of the products. So that you will be always updated in the market compare to the competitors.

5)Invite you to all the technology promotional activities and exhibitions conducted by CPCRI, to establish and to get publicity/promotion for your firm/products.

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