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Interested in FOOD ALLERGENS? Check this online course!

More and more people are avoiding certain types of foods today. This is due to various reasons which include health issues and food allergies. Also, people are now more cautious about food allergens and food in general as well.

Customers actively ask two questions to Food businesses which prepare and sell food:

  1.  the ingredients used in food for sale
  2. possible contamination from other food items or products during preparation and service

Some people may have reproducible food sensitivity such as food intolerance, or food allergy.

Food Intolerance

It is more common than food allergy and could affect one in five people. It does not involve the same working of the immune system as food allergy.

Food Allergies

These involve specific antibodies, mainly Immunoglobin E (IgE). For each food, the body manufactures a specific antibody. Immunoglobin E antibodies are designed to recognize and attack disease-causing pathogens and parasitic worms.

Allergic (atopic) people have immune systems that are programmed to treat ordinary proteins from foods and other things as a threat to their health (for example cats, dogs, horses, insect stings, pollen, etc.).

If this topic caught your interest, there is an amazing online course for the same. It is free of cost and is easy to complete.

About the course

This interactive training course has been divided into 6 modules, each covering separate topics. The topics cover various aspects and stages to take care of food allergens. From the rules and regulations to specifying allergens of food labels, this carefully designed course covers it all.

The process of completing this course is very simple.

You can go through the modules and do some self study, register and give module tests and you’re done.

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