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KFC’s Sustainable Bamboo Packaging

What is the future of Sustainable packaging products? How can we help our environment through sustainable packaging? So, KFC came up with an innovative idea of Bamboo Packaging. It helps to bring eco-friendly and sustainable packaging solutions for food items. It is an important step to move towards Plastic free environment. 

Sustainable packaging is the use of packaging products to reduce our environmental impact and ecological footprint. The future of sustainable packaging has been left in our hands. For decades, companies have made the mistake of using materials that kill our environment to package their products. The future of sustainable packaging does not lie in the hands of plastic and styrofoam cups. The future lies in the packaging with bamboo, wood, clay, stone, and coconut.


In 1952, Harland Sanders founded KFC Canada and presently it is world’s most popular and largest chain of chicken restaurants. By the end of 2020, KFC Canada comes up with the innovative idea of bamboo packaging for serving poutine and chicken bowls. It would be the permanent and sustainable packaging solution, which helping KFC Canada to eliminate 55 tonnes of plastic waste annually. However, other KFC’s buckets are made up from paper pulp. With an idea of new sustainable Bamboo packaging KFC Canada is looking for keeping the landfills away from harmful wastes.

KFC’s Sustainable Bamboo Packaging

“KFC has the most iconic packaging in the world. To find a reliable and eco-friendly solution for our buckets, bamboo emerged as winner,” said by Innovation Manager, Armando Carrillo, KFC Canada.

KFC Canada testing bamboo buckets (CNW Group/KFC Canada)

Bamboo is the fastest-growing, easily obtained, and 100 % biodegradable material which requires no usage of pesticides, which regenerates itself very quickly after harvesting and providing the most renewable source for packaging material. Bamboo also has some natural anti-bacterial property.

Since November 2019, KFC has been testing these bamboo buckets in their selected Ontario and Quebec restaurants. It received positive responses from both team members and customers.

“As a global brand, we have a tremendous responsibility to make a difference in the communities. Additionally, we operate in and to work collectively to make our planet a more sustainable place to live,” said by President & General Manager, Nivera Wallani, KFC Canada. With this the Company is further looking to bring more eco-friendly and sustainable packaging solutions to their restaurants.

Last year also the Company eliminated 50 million straws and 10 million plastic bags from all of their restaurants. They also committed to eliminate all non-recoverable and non-reusable plastic packaging by the year 2025 which includes spanning lids, cups, cutlery, and more.

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