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Mighty mint: A way to halt your sweet tooth

The tradition of relishing the sweets only after a proper meal has long back converted to consume them at any duration of the day, credit belongs to the love we have for sweet delicacies.

Sweetness is one of the most basic and preferred tastes we have in the universe of food.  Well, as much as we love to consume it every day, we can’t afford it knowing it’s consequences on our health and body. An excessive amount of it can get you involved with many deadly diseases like obesity, heart-related trouble, and diabetes. In order to lower these risks, we have been shifted to artificial sweeteners which possess much fewer calories, but what if we ourselves forbade to have them. Seems unusual, right?
Well, scientists have found a way to make that happen. Let’s find out.

Recently, research has conducted at Massey University by New Zealand’s researchers to determine the potential of ‘Sweet kick’ a US-based product.
The product has gymneminc acids from the plant Gymnema Sylvester(gs) which happens to be known as ‘sugar destroyer’ in the Hindi language and used as a medicine in Ayurveda.

The main idea behind the research was to naturally make it less palatable to cut down consumption.

Ajmol Ali, a professor from the University’s School of sports, exercise, and nutrition said that mint has the capability to reduce sugar intake. Along with his team, he conducted a single-blind study for the product ‘sweet kick’  over 56 grown-ups in New Zealand. The study takes place in two groups: sweet kick mint and placebo. The main difference between these two groups is the presence of GS and inulin in Sweet kick one.

All the participants were provided with a standard serving chocolate bar to devour with the calories ranging in between 292-370 KJ but before that, they were required to rate their appetite levels.

Then they were asked to scale their enjoyment and further longings. Then they have mint and another 90 sec for the dissolution and follows the same procedure repetitively according to that person’s cravings. The servings provided until 5 times before the final results were declared.

Sweet kick mint has reduced the desire of having a chocolate bar by 21.3%, a 22.7% decrease in high sweet foods, and 31% in the pleasantness of having them.

The reason behind this was the presence of gymneminc acid, they can make you unable to taste the sweetness by blocking your type 1 taste receptors, which eventually leads to lower consumption of sweet things. This blockage can continue up to 30-40 minutes of having the mint and make you absorb all the tastes but sweet.

Additional research:
The research was furthermore lengthened for 14 days. This study gave more defined and additional outcomes than the former one, as in this the participants are required to take the mint on those times when they most prominently crave the sweet product I.e mid-morning, mid-afternoon and post-dinner for two weeks.
After a period of 14 days, their desires for sweets and behavioral changes were listed, and they got to know that participants used this product to minimize their sweet cravings. This has made them more conscious of their sugar intake and intends to take one to subsides their yearnings.

As far as they conducted the study there is no such harm of consuming GS but the researchers are rested assured that the studies will be continued to find one.

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