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Ministry of MSME launches CHAMPIONS portal

Union Ministry of MSME has launched a portal that is a technology-driven control room cum management information system. This portal aims to assist the Indian MSMEs to grow and join the big league as National and Global CHAMPIONS.

The name CHAMPIONS stands for the Creation and Harmonious Application of Modern Process for Increasing the Output and National Strenth. This will help MSMEs solve their grievances and will provide a helping hand.

The control room is empowered with the latest technology including telephone, video conferencing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics. It is also integrated with the government of India’s main grievance portal CPGRAMS and ministries other facilities.

Ministry has followed the Hub and Spike model. The hub is situated in countries capital New Delhi in the secretaries office. The spokes will be in various states. As of now 66 state-level control rooms are created.

Objectives of the CHAMPIONS:
1. To help the MSMEs in this difficult situation in terms of finance, raw materials, labor, permits, etc.
2. To help them capture new opportunities.
3. To identify the sparks that is, the MSMEs performing exceptionally good that can also become national and international champions.

“It is meant for the MSME units and people depending on them. These people need our help badly. We will do everything to help, re-start, rejuvenate them.” Said Mr. Sharma while trial launching the system.

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