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MondelēZ Cuts Down 15% Packaging as a Bid to Go More Sustainable

Mondelēz International, makers of the nation’s favorite treats including Cadbury Dairy Milk and OREO has announced it will reduce the packaging by 15%, across its large Cadbury share bags as part of the company’s strategy to optimize its packaging.

Mondelēz cuts down 15% packaging from its iconic large Cadbury share bags. This comes as a bid by the company to go more sustainable. Mondelēz International recently made an announcement, informing that it will reduce the packaging used in its large Cadbury share bags by 15%. This marks its latest step towards reducing packaging across its UK business.

Benefits Over This Move

This new sustainable packaging is now available on shelves across the UK. Mondelēz cuts down 15% packaging as a move to reduce unnecessary packaging. This step comes as a favorable one for the company as it is cutting down on the amount of packaging material required, thereby reducing costs and also moving the company up the ladder towards its sustainable goals.

This will also benefit the company in terms of a reduction in transport costs. According to their calculations, this move will require 14% fewer trucks for the transport of the same amount of product.

Mondelēz cuts down 15% packaging

Possible Concerns

Consumers don’t need to worry about this cut-down. This is because the company has assured that only the packaging – the unnecessary part- has been cut down. While the quantity of the product inside remains the same

Mondelēz claims that their bid to cut down 15% packaging will remove the equivalent of 20 football pitches of plastic from the UK. The excess packging is reduced from Cadbury Giant Buttons, Caramel Nibbles, and Bitsa Wispa large sharing bags.

A visual of the new packaging

Mondelēz states that in its latest sustainability report that 93% of its packaging had been designed to be recyclable. They have set a target to change this to 100% by 2025. Since 2013, Mondelēz has eliminated over 64,000 tonnes of packaging globally. The company has also stated that it intends to achieve 65,000 by the end of this year(2020).

Currently, this move is exclusive to Mondelēz’s UK business. It can only be expected that the company will expand this move to the rest of its businesses across the globe.

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