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Nestle pioneering customized hydration.


The enforcement of the “plastic ban” is an ideology rooted to several years back as a discussion amid countries’ population and now has come into fruition. This sudden requirement of change is forcing one of the major industries that have been using a lot of virgin plastics- The packaging sector of the Food and Beverage Industry.

  1. Nestle has taken its first step to cut the water packaging. The company:
  • had faced a lot of environmental issues in selling water in millions of plastic containers.
  • now claims to go as “zero net greenhouse gas emission” by 2050.
  • set up dispensers that could serve 64 different kinds of water, ranging from plain to flavored, and with various degrees of carbonation.
  1. Carrying forward this objective, Global FMCG Nestle pilots refillable coffee dispensers in Switzerland.
  • It came up with an idea of reusable, refillable dispensers for soluble coffee and pet care. This could reduce single-use packaging and provide flexibility and a variety of product choices.
  • This enables consumers to carry their reusable containers and fill in in-store dispensers.
  • The dispensers incorporate smart technology which ensures product safety and also guarantees freshness and traceability.
  • The company is working to introduce cashless payments.
  • Nestle has invested 2.08 billion on sustainable packaging and claims to reduce of virgin plastics in use by 2025.

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