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Non-Alcoholic Beer coming your way- Budweiser 0.0

Non-Alcoholic beer is a thing now!!

Anheuser-Busch releases its first zero-proof beer under the Budweiser brand called Budweiser Zero. It is an alcohol-free lager that tastes similar to the best-selling beverage. The non-alcoholic beer has 50 calories and zero sugar. The product is crafted for athletes who do not want the after-effects of alcohol while training or competing. By using the iconic Budweiser recipe, the new variant has brewed. Addition with barley malt, choice hops, yeast, pure filtered water, and the distinctive beechwood ageing process. During its final stage, alcohol is removed through a special process to retain the taste that is true to the standards of Budweiser.

“The company plans to have 20% of its global volumes to come from no- or low-alcohol beers by 2025”, said AB InBev’s Vice President of Adam Warrington. In January, the company has also released 4 new low-alcohol beers.

Beer blooming or fading?

Statistically, Traditional Beer is fizzing out in popularity. Beer retains the title of the most popular category for low-alcohol beverages. According to IWSR data, the beer volumes fell down by 1.5 % this year.

Beer has been falling out of our as drinkers are shifting towards healthier alternatives,  According to recent trends, alcohol consumption is shifting. The consumers are not just moving away from traditional American Lagers towards spirit and craft beers but also a new subset of zero-proof drinking. Beer’s affordability, brand familiarity and product innovations such as low- and non-alcoholic beverages have grabbed attention. For many, abstaining or limiting alcohol consumption has now become a lifelong lifestyle. The bottled low- and no-alcohol beverages are projected to jump about 32% between 2018- 2022 in U.S. according to IWSR. For Budweiser, Bud Zero creates an opportunity for the brand to capitalize on the trend.

The retail beer sales have jumped by 20% since Covid-19 start spreading in the United States. However, Non-alcoholic beer sales jumped 35% in the same time.


Bud Zero is getting helping hand from retired NBA player Dwyane Wade. He helped in creating the product’s taste and packaging. AB InBev is trying to bring legitimacy and attention to its brand. While, the retired NBA player hopes that the drink attracts athletes and health focused people.

The beer have a soft launch in March and is debuting a national campaign featuring Wade. Bud Zero is priced similar to Budweiser. It will be first sold in a 12-pack of 12-ounce cans and 16-ounce cans. A 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles will roll out in November.

Budweiser 0.0 will also be available across modern retail channels and leading departmental stores at the top urban centres of India like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Kolkata as well as in prohibition state of Gujarat. The price of Budweiser 0.0 will be Rs. 80 for a 330 ml can and Rs. 90 for a 330 ml bottle.

Market and competitors

In a crowded market of non-alcoholic beers with competitors such as Heiken 0.0, followed by O’Doul’s and Busch, using Budweiser name might give the company an advantage among competitors. “This ongoing Pandemic has made people crave familiar products and the Bud name already carries so much weight to it. The product is going to benefit from instant consumer recognition,” said Caleb Bryant, food and drink analyst.

To get more information about the Budweiser non- alcoholic beer visit their official website.

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