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Pazzi- The Pizzaiolo Robot makes Pizzas!

If you have ever wondered when will Robo-Chefs replace actual chefs, the future is now. Robo-chefs not only provide exceptional consistency in the taste and texture of the food, but are optimised to deliver best in quality food. Safety and hygiene come hand in hand with Pazzi, the Robo-Chef.

Your all-time favorite PIZZA now prepared by Robo-Chef, PAZZI!

Yes you heard that right.

A start-up company, Ekim was initiated with an aim of revolutionizing the domain of Food Technology by introducing Robots in the restaurants and making it fully autonomous.

This company has literally raised the bar for their competitors.

Two French engineers, Sébastien Roverso and Cyrill Harmon are the founders and they started this company with a vision of “Food Robolution” in France .

24- hour automated pizza kiosks, fitted with Pizza Making Robots which can make Pizza within couple of minutes.

Pazzi-The Pizzaiolo Robot makes Pizzas!

About Pazzi:

The Pizzaiolo Robot was named as “PAZZI” and its the world’s first Robo-Chef introduced and that too French.

Pazzi kneads the dough, evenly spreads the sauce, place it in the oven, put it in the boxes, slice it and BOOM! Your Pizza’s ready to serve.

Pazzi not only offers Pizza,but also drinks, salads and desserts.

Pazzi works 24/7 and bakes a pizza in less than a MINUTE!

In the restaurant, this Robo-Chef works behind a window, by being clearly visible to its customers. There exists a complete transparency which is something that most of the other restaurants haven’t done yet.

Selection of Quality Ingredients:

With an aim of serving the best and quality pizzas, ingredients are gathered from various regions:
a. PDO cheeses from mountain pastures.
b. Organic vegetables from Italy.
b. Meat from Limousin and Brittany.

Fresh dough is kept for 48 hours for allowing it to rest and rise.

This overall process of ingredient selection is quite time consuming for them but they make sure that their customers receive the perfect Pizzas with the best recipes.

They have even opened their doors for those who will like to accompany them in this process.

Pazzi-The Pizzaiolo Robot makes Pizzas!

Quality Recipes:

Since both the founders are engineers, looking for a chef was an important task for them.

In 2017, they ended up meeting a Three-Time Pizza World Champion, Thierry Graffagnino with more than 7 years of hard work and experience.

From the blend of recipes, to the selection of flours and ingredients, Chef Graffagnino knows it all.

Customize Your Own Pizzas with Pazzi

Want pizza with extra cheese and added corn and jalapeno?

Want to remove onion and tomatoes?

Customers can customize their own pizzas and Pazzi will bake it perfectly.


a. Maintenance of Proper hygienic conditions.
b. Pizza customization is possible.
c. Reduces labor cost.
d. Higher efficiency with least chances of defects and faults in the end product.
e. Fully autonomous, except while being the dough, filling the stock of ingredients etc.
f. Pazzi is never tired!

A Pazziria Open To The World

In November 2019, after several years of hard work and dedication, they have finally opened their first Pazziria in Val d’Europe. Location on their website.

Future Goals:

They are presently working to make their robots more efficient by reducing its costs and equipping it with newer features.

They are also looking forward to make sure that they remain at the forefront by gradually raising their bar because the competitors might come up with more innovative ideas in coming year or two.

Not only in this domain of engineering, but expanding their horizons in several other fields like sales & marketing, business development is also crucial for the company. And they are trying their best to achieve the same.

Eagerly waiting for such Food Robolution in other countries as well.

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