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Pillsbury Raw Cookie Dough: eat it or bake it

Pillsbury rolled out its new raw edible cookie dough. The main ingredients in this modification are heat-treated flour and pasteurized eggs which make it safe for eating it raw. In fact, it can be both baked and eaten raw.

Flourishing since 1869, Pillsbury is one of the leading trusted brands which provides us with freshly baked goods. Crescents, biscuits, pie crust, cinnamon rolls, and cookie products are some of the products that Pillsbury rolls out for the customers. Hence, they have succeeded in fulfilling our plates with such lovable delicacies. Pillsbury raw cookie dough is their new product to look out for. 

In fact, one can consume it in both ways, either raw or baked.

The Pillsbury Company was a Minneapolis, Minnesota-based company that was one of the world’s largest producers of grain and other foodstuffs until 2001. In 2001, General Mills bought The Pillsbury Company. The global regulatory practices of Pillsbury gained notable recognition in recent months. The firm secured nine regulatory practices rakings from various platforms which are impressive. 

Edible Cookie dough at a glance 

Edible Cookie doughs were first invented in 1937 by Ruth Graves Wakefield. The concept of eating raw cookie dough is nothing fresh. People loved it many years ago and are still including it in their diets.

For some people, it tastes better than an actual baked cookie. But at the same time, it is responsible for a huge food safety outbreaks earlier.

Outbreaks and its reasons

• First outbreak occurred by consuming raw refrigerated Nestle Tollhouse cookie dough in 2009. It affected 72 people in 30 states.
• Following it in 2016, another outbreak appeared because of the presence of E-coli. This one affected 63 people in 24 states. The severity of these outbreaks was determined when more than 30 million pounds of flour was recollected.

Out of all these outbreaks, scientists concluded that flour and eggs can be the reason behind food safety issues. Growing in an open space, grains have pretty high chances of contamination through microbes present in that atmosphere and soil. Salmonella can contaminate eggs. 

Is Raw Cookie Dough Safe to Eat?

Cooking and baking with family indeed is a funfilled occupancy of time and memories. But this act can turn into a tedious task at times. But, from now onwards you need not be worried! Pillsbury modified its existing cookie dough in such a way that now consumers can have it in dual ways. Pillsbury raw cookie dough is really one of its kind. 

The main participants behind this modification are heat-treated flour and pasteurized eggs. These two have the strength to erase all the foodborne illness-causing microbes. Other than that, the product contains its usual ingredients that any cookie dough may have. This makes it both safe and equally delicious. 

Because of the presence of eggs, it is convertible into a properly baked cookie. This property of the product provides it an additional liking in comparison to those cookie doughs which only be used for raw eating purposes.

These reformulations in the existed product successfully bring a new kind of product into the market. Also, it makes up the needs of its customers according to their choices. These rectifications and out of the box approach for products make the customers value the enterprise and rely on them in changing times and needs.

So from now onwards it’s totally up to you whether to bake it or have it as it is.

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