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Plix Super Green Protein Powder: A Scoop of 45 Nutrients

Plant based food are on the rise and expected to dominate the food industry in the coming future. Plix provides quality plant based protein protein that is rich in many nutrients. Packed with natural ingredients, Plix is surely marching towards sustainability.

“Plix life” is a Mumbai based enterprise that exclusively deals in nourishing you with the qualities of the plant-based proteins during your post-workout and work out activities. Plix develops products within three different categories I.e. the products which provide you with strength, cardio, and last but not the least, energy.

To diversify the commodity, they made it gluten-free, non-GMO, and as natural as it could be without the use of any artificial preservatives and sweeteners like aspartame or maltose. All their products have been successfully tested on athletes to gain faith and find out the satisfactory nutritional necessities, to carry out your choice of fitness activities with a perfect dosage of Plix.

Along with the bundle of such tremendous skills in itself, they furthermore made its consumption so straightforward, you just have to rip, pour, shake and gulp down it to have the access of a good number of nutrients and also a good healthy existence.

Plix super green proteins powder

There is no doubt that the future of new products in food technology is inclined towards plant-based proteins,  considering the level of preference it is absorbing by customers in day to day life.

Plix has already been successful in spreading its rule from one of the most basic products like milk to flours and bread, it also managed to turn down other category products in the snacking and immunity-boosting industries.

In 2019, a survey is conducted in India by Rakuten insights which assert that 52% of respondents Indians had begun taking the plant-based product to lead a vegetarian or vegan life.

In addition to this, a current study declares that we can add more years to our lifespan, provided we are a consumer of plant-based protein. It is conducted by a team of researchers at the U.S. National Institute of Health’s National Cancer Institute, over old age group to find out that plant protein gives you a longer life to live.

By keeping all these exquisite and healthful things in mind, Plix life presents a new immunity-boosting “super green protein powder” in the market shelves.Declared to be only protein powder till now in India which has the attributes of 45 different nutritional ingredients in it dividing in the ratio of 25 immunity-boosting herbs, 10 alkalizing greens, and 10 antioxidants, all are researched and handpicked to serve you the maximum amount of nutrients.

Vegetable Nutrients

The product incorporates a variety of vegetable nutrients like Spirulina, Parsley, Spinach, Mint leaves, and Moringa, which avoids the disease like arthritis by keeping the ph level of your body in check.


Plix Super Green Protein Powder: A Scoop of 45 Nutrients

The richness of cranberries, guava, lemon, and green banana inhibits the function of free radicals over cells in the body. Besides, enhance the metabolism process.


Oats, apples, ajwains, and probiotics maintain the digestion process intact and promote gut health.

Some Supplemented Benefits

Cucumber, fennel seeds, Ashwagandha and so on detoxifies the body by awash the toxins out of it.

It also possesses the power of whole foods like carrots, cardamom, asparagus, and beetroot to serve you the growth necessary nutrients.

Persuading a smooth digestion process and curtailing inflammation is also a more good reason to buy that product.

In conclusion, the commodity has many exceptional qualities to support your inner health, boost up your immune system, and offer you a constant radiant glow. It is founded based on its quality and works for providing it’s best to its buyers in each scoop.

Plix Super Green Protein Powder: A Scoop of 45 Nutrients

You can grab the product now from their original website and Amazon to implement these benefits on your own body. So, hurry up people it can play as a fighter in your life in these difficult situations.

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