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Products which are mixture of standard products needs no approval: FSSAI

Products having standard products as its mixture are not considered under non-specified food norms and do not require any approvals from the authority.

The Food Safety & Standards Authority of India has stated that food products not conforming with product standards specified by FSSAI, but are a combination of various standardized products under FSSAI, do not require to apply under the Food Safety & Standards Regulations 2017.

FSSAI has said that it is advisable to comply with the quality standards of the product and in case of non-compliance with any parameter, the FBO’s need to apply under the NSF regulations with clarity and supporting documents for deviating from the product standards specified under FSSR.

  • FSSAI has said that the additives specified in FSSR are harmonized with Codex and therefore the request to include or use the same in the category where it is not permitted will not be considered.
  • According to the FSSAI, non-specified food and food ingredients are neither standardized nor fall under the proprietary food category as mentioned under the FSSR.
  • The FSSAI has also urged FBO’s dealing in non-specified products to furnish information on articles of food and food ingredients consisting of or isolated from microorganisms, bacteria, or algae, etc.
  • The FSSAI has also asked FBOs to clearly mention in the application, the source, whether it is an animal source, chemical, botanical, or microbiological, in regard to non-specified food or ingredients.

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