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Sahakar Mitra Scheme- Government’s latest swadeshi push to Agriculture

The Union Minister for Agriculture and Farmer’s Welfare, Narendra Singh Tomar launched the ‘Sahakar Mitra’ Scheme on Internship Programme (SIP). It is a program that will provide young professionals with an opportunity for practical exposure and learning from the working of the National Cooperative Development Corporation (NCDC). The minister praised NCDC for various such types of initiatives in the cooperative sector entrepreneurship development ecosystem. He also claims that this scheme will be beneficial to the youth of our country.

The Prime Minister has already launched the Atma Nirbhar campaign to achieve self-sustainability for the country. Relating to this campaign, the Sahakar Mitra scheme is the latest scheme by the Government of India. The scheme will provide paid internships to attract large number of youths. The scheme would definitely connect professionals from various academic institutions. It will develop a professionals team that can take various roles in the Farmers Producers Organizations (FPO).

The important point of the scheme is that it aims to train youth for entrepreneurial roles to tap into the large-scale potential of the market. The scheme will also provide the interns with valuable field experience. The interns will be given financial support for four months for which a separate fund has been made.

The students who are graduates in Agriculture and Allied subjects, Information Technology (IT), or those who have done their MBA in Agri-Business Cooperation, Finance, International Trade, Forestry, Rural Development, and Project Management are all eligible for the scheme.

The COVID-19 pandemic affects every corner of the country and shrinks the global economy. Hence, the Government is pushing to soften the blow of the economy. Agriculture was one of the few sectors which showed a growth in recent GDP data. There are several initiatives like special packages for bee farming, encouragement of diversification of crops, and special COVID packages for farmers. These initiatives give India a push to the next level.

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