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Good Dot Enterprises- An Indian Start-up

Good Dot is a start-up aiming to introduce plant-based meat to Indian taste buds

India is sometimes referred to as “The Vegetarian Capital of the world”. But according to government surveys, only 23-27% of the total population in India is vegetarian. Rest all of the people consume eggs and meat in one way or another. When we purchase products like packed muffins and cupcakes and even chocolates, we always look for the green dot on the packaging. The green dot ensures that the product is free from eggs and meat.

Restaurant menus in India have a ubiquitous red dot next to dishes containing meat, fish and egg, and a green dot against vegetarian food. To Abhishek Sinha, the red dot is the bad dot, given the harm meat causes animals and its impact on our environment and health. The green dot is a good one. That’s the logic behind the name of the startup he co-founded in 2016 — GoodDot Enterprises.

While there is a debate raging on whether these products that try to approximate the flavour and texture of the meat can even be called meat, the market potential is beyond doubt. According to Euromonitor International, in 2017, chicken accounted for half of India’s meat market, by volume. Beef and buffalo meat accounted for a fourth, and mutton and lamb less than a fifth. Sinha says one of Good Dot’s four products, called Vegetarian Meat and sold in chunks, could be a replacement for mutton or chicken, depending on whether it is cooked in a curry or as kebabs.

Sinha, a confessed animal lover, turned vegetarian five years ago and was keen on bringing meat substitutes to India. Through an animal shelter in Udaipur, run by an American couple, he eventually came in contact with the Good Food Institute, a nonprofit in the US that promotes plant-based meat, dairy, and egg substitutes. The company started commercial production at its Udaipur around 2017. Sinha is loath to divulge any numbers, except to say GoodDot sells 10,000-15,000 packets a day (its products are sold in 150-250 g packs). The sales occur through its own website, Amazon, Paytm Mall, and RCM, a direct seller like Amway.

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