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Support Vocal for Local with Onelife’s Organic Honey

 Onelife honey is a Mumbai-based startup that utilizes sustainable practices while occupying with indigenous communities to bring natural, delicious, homegrown produce of flavorful organic honey.

Honey is used as a common staple. It is a natural sweetener, an immunity booster, especially in monsoon season. The ingredients can intensify the flavors in any dish with blends of aromatic herbal teas.

Varieties of Onelife Honey:

  • Organic Wild Forest Honey 

     It is also known as Honeydew Honey. In fact, bees collect it from rare herbs and wild flora found in the core forest areas. Hence, it leans to have a stronger, bolder and more distinctive flavor as well as fragrance.

  • Organic Multi Flora Light Honey       

    Bees collect this one from a variety of crops, flowers, and herbs which is sourced from regions blooming with different varieties of flowers. It is light in color and also has a satisfying sweet taste. It has many health benefits such as providing relief for intestinal ailments. Also, it has nourishing effects on the skin as well.

  • Organic Multi Flora Dark Honey

    It contains nectar collected from various flowers gathered from various plants in meadows, forests, and mountains. A mix of different varieties of flowers helps giving it a distinctive flavor and dark amber appeal. Hence, it also has a high spreading ability.

  • Organic Ajwain Honey    

    It comprises of nectar collected from flowers of Ajewain herb. Unlike the usual sugar, Ajwain honey can be consumed by all age groups and also helps in treating acidity and indigestion. Adding to the virtue, it is a natural sweetener which is ideal for diabetic patients.
  • Organic Eucalyptus Honey 

    It contains nectar collected from the flowers of the Eucalyptus tree which is famous for its unique medicinal properties. The health benefits are many. It is packed with anti-inflammatory properties. Terms like antispasmodic, decongestant, deodorant, antiseptic, antibacterial, and stimulant are also associated with it’s properties.

  • Organic Himalayan Kashmiri Honey

    It is collected from the deep valleys, far north in the mountains of Kashmir. Surprisingly, it is a great natural source of carbohydrates. It provides a boost of strength and energy. Hence, it also helps in accelerating performance and endurance and reducing muscle fatigue.

    Onelife practices bee farming and try to ensure minimum human interference in the process of bee making.  

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