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The Agriculture Department announces a six-month Internship Program


The Department of Agriculture has announced a six-month internship program. This program will be open for youth and students all over the country. It can be a means to gain detailed knowledge about the sector. An opportunity for applicants to gain immense knowledge and experience through direct interaction with farmers and specialists in the sector.

Under the ‘Subhiksha Kerala-Integrated Food Security Scheme’ of the State Government, the Department of Agriculture has announced a six-month internship program. The internship will be beneficial for many educated youth and students.

Who can apply?

The answer to this question is all Agri graduates, VHSE certificate holders, Management graduates, Social Work graduates, other graduates, Social Welfare Diploma holders, and Diploma holders in Management in Business Administration can apply in this internship program. The government has decided to involve as many youth and students as possible. This is basically done to know about the agricultural culture and the potential of the agro-industrial sector.

What will the program include?

During the six-month internship period, the applicant can gain a lot of information and experience related to the sector. There will be a possibility to interact with farmers, food experts, and various industrialists. This will enable the students to get gain hands-on experience and knowledge.

Students can collect information related to crops including crop health, harvesting, market resource, mobilization, and technical assistance. They will also gain experience in areas such as front office management, data entry, and dissemination of knowledge in offices related to agriculture. Their work will also be very helpful to the Agriculture Department officials.

There will be an opportunity to understand the activities and services of the Department of Agriculture on farms. It includes Krishi Bhavan, Office of the Assistant Director of Agriculture at the block level, District Agriculture Office, and Department of Agriculture farms. After the completion of the internship, everyone will be awarded a special certificate.

Minister of Government VS Sunil Kumar said that seven projects have granted administrative sanction under this scheme. This is because the scheme is important for the development of local food security and to increase the income of farmers.

Local projects have been approved for Rs 20 crore and it will be used for improving irrigation facilities, mechanized farming practices, mushroom cultivation, and sugar manufacturing units. It has also provided financial assistance to value-added products and units to increase agricultural income.

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