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The care starts from only Rs2.5 at Just Chapati

While the majority of us are full-time professionals, it becomes difficult for us to cook home and manage household alongside. This made us look for convenience food deliberately despite we believe we are compromising with our health.

” Just a day ” is a common phrase we use all day. Skipping breakfasts, meals are now all-day fashion strategy for busy bees.
Chapatis are the basic requirement of a family. We always crave for fresh, homemade flatbreads.
Pondering on this inconvenience of population, Sandeep Jagannath, conceptualized the idea of serving fresh, homemade chapatis. Seems interesting right!
Sandeep is an emerging entrepreneur, who started “Just Chapati” to make available fresh chapatis in the city Bangalore.  At “Just Chapati”, they offer handmade whole wheat chapatis at a very nominal price and deliver at your doorstep.
It has evolved as a collaborative model that enable people at home to become a part of the value chain. They are working hard daily and alongside having healthy homemade food, which most of us are not gifted with. They supply chapatis just by sitting at the comfort of their house.
So, How does this chain work?
The company works to identify people in various apartments of different areas who can prepare chapatis for them at home, bounded to the specifications, and ingredients identified by the company.
“Just Chapati” company works more on a subscription type business model. Once any customer unsubscribes, the delivery is stopped for them.
Since the Indian bread is high in fibre, protein and other essential nutrients, it can keep you satiated for a longer period of time and reduce your overall calorie intake. This makes chapati an excellent choice for weight loss.
Thus, there is a major shift from rice to chapati seen today. This has had a huge reach to the working population of cities. 
The company has to expand to cities where the consumer base is exponentially high. Just Chapatti has never hesitated to serve B2B clients. It has a huge base in B2B client business than B2C.
To visit their website, click here.
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