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The debut of plant-based snacks in India: “Epiphany Snacks”

Epiphany-Snacks is a company, that makes healthy snacking options for people, that have a hectic lifestyle. Established very recently, they are catching the eye of people that lead a plant-based lifestyle.

Concept of snacking

The term “snack foods” is often used for referring to processed, high-calorie foods like chips and cookies.

However, snacking simply means to eat or drink something between meals, regardless of whether the food is healthy or unhealthy.

Hunger is the main motivation behind snacking, but factors like location, social environment, and food availability contribute as well.

In fact, people often snack when tasty food is around — even when they’re not hungry.

Importance of plant-based

Plant-based diets are more sustainable compared to diets that are high in animal products. They consume far less natural resources and are much safer for the environment. Given the increase in the global population, the demand for foods of animal origin is increasing. Natural non-renewable resources are increasingly scarce, and rapidly rising environmental deterioration.

Food security and sustainability are changes in the environment. Changing course will require extreme downward shifts in the consumption of meat and dairy by large segments of the world population. Other strategies, such as food waste prevention and agricultural precision and/or other scientific developments, must be followed alongside; however, they are not enough to support the global food system. Meatless diets were promoted on the basis of principles for decades. Also, significant portions of the world’s population thrived on plant-based diets. 

“Going back” to worldwide plant-based diets seems a reasonable alternative for a sustainable future. Policies for globally adopting plant-based diets will improve food supply, health, environment, and social justice for the world’s population.

Epiphany Snacks: healthy, plant-based snacks

Nowadays, consumers’ choices lean towards nutrient-packed, organic snacks that are also tasty, at the same time. To meet these demands of the consumers, Epiphany Snacks has launched its plant-based, nutritionally rich snacks.

The product is gluten and preservatives free. Also, it does not have any cholesterol or added sugar and can satisfy any hunger. It would enter the Indian market in July 2020. This is a great time as the whole world is looking for healthier options. The snacks have four different variants given below:

  • California pistachio crunch.: This is a perfect blend of crunch and crispiness, due to pistachios and sweet brown rice syrup
  • Almond vanilla crunch: This contains the alluring taste of vanilla with a satisfying crunch.
  • Cranberry almond crisps: This has the goodness of handpicked cranberries with pure Himalayan pink salt.
  • Blueberry almond crips: This has blueberries with the goodness of Vitamin E.

All these variants contain from naturally-sourced, genuine ingredients. Both the nuts: almonds, and pistachios are exclusively imported from California to enhance the quality of this product.

All these four variants have their own unique taste and flavor. But despite the uniqueness, all are a great source of nutrition and have 100% natural ingredients.

These snacks are available on Amazon, Flipkart, Nature’s basket, and Zomato in Mumbai.

One can buy these from their own website: Epiphany Website

(For offer:  Use code EPIC10 to get 10% off for all purchases on the website)

When you are going to have them for your next binge eating session?

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