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In an endeavor to deliver effective solutions to the milk collection problems faced and to strengthen the dairy sector, White Gold Technologies LLP, an innovative solutions provider for the dairy industry, has won an award in eliminating the milk adulteration category at ‘Start-up India -Animal Husbandry Grand Challenge’.
The Government on awarded 12 start-ups for their innovations addressing problems faced by the animal husbandry and dairy sector. White Gold Technologies has won the laureate in the category of eliminating milk adulteration. The company has also won a cash grant of Rs 10 lakh.
White gold technologies made a revolutionary innovation called RMCU i.e. Robot Milk Collection Unit. It is a state of the art innovation to make the milk collection procedure easier and to solve the problems related to the collection of the milk. Making the process of milk collection safe and hygienic.
It solves the problem by making the process of milk collection easier and contactless. It is capable of measuring the milk volume, solids non-fat (SNF), fat content of the milk poured by the farmer individually.
The only thing farmer has to do is pour the milk into it and select source of milk whether cow or buffalo; Milk once poured is checked for the quality based on 8 predefined parameters, if the milk does not match the required standard it is rejected automatically followed by CIP to clean the sensor and machine.
“In this current Covid-19 situation and to keep the dairy sector away from the risk, our RMCU solution will be significant as it ensures operator-less milk collection.” Ankur Shah, CEO, White Gold TEchnologies said.
“It also benefits farmers as this state-of-the-art solution brings transparency in the dairy sector,” he further added.
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